Fivash Performance provides psychological support for performers across many disciplines including; sport & exercise, business and performing arts. The main objective is to support you the individual or your group or team to be the best you can be by teaching mental skills to encourage peak performance in training, rehearsals and the performance itself. Fivash Performance caters for all levels of abilities and ages from children to adults and the amateur to the professional. New online sessions To maintain health and safety during the ongoing pandemic we are now offering online consultancies.

Performance Psychology is the application of psychology to the performance arena. The aim is to apply psychological strategies to facilitate positive behaviours to help the individual or the team/group to perform at their peak no matter what the situation. From the local playing fields to Wembley Stadium, or school halls to The Royal Albert Hall individuals face similar stress, the aim of performance psychology is to take that stress and turn it into positive behaviours either by relaxation or harnessing the emotion of the event and focusing it into the performance.
At Fivash Performance we aim to build a successful mindset by enhancing your awareness of how your body and mind interact. By using psychological techniques we then aim to build a successful mindset using research in the field of mental toughness.
We offer services a wide range of services and packages including one-to-one, teams or groups and competition recordings and analysis. Further information can be found on our services page.

"It's not a case of getting rid of the butterflies, it's the question of getting them to fly in formation"

T. Orlick (1986)