At Fivash Performance I offer services to individuals and teams. Both of of these options use profiling to measure where you currently are.

Individual/team profiling

Profiling includes assessing you, the client, across a wide range of areas. It consists of a series of questionnaires and short interviews. The purpose is to assess your needs through identifying your strengths and areas you wish to improve. This process is repeated at regular intervals over the consultancy period to assess the effectiveness of the program. Depending on your needs I also ask your coach to measure your abilities as well to gain more understanding of where we can improve.



Workshops provide a fun interactive session for a team or group of individuals. At Fivash Performance we provide a wide range of workshops with the aim of educating groups about psychological concepts. Topics cover:

  •  Motivation
  • Mental toughness
  • Stress management
  • Team cohesion
  • Self-belief
  • Athlete welfare
  • Parent-athlete-coach Dynamic

This list is not exhaustive and I can develop content based on your needs.


Psychological Skills Training

Psychological Skill Training (PST) is the main aim of the consultancy period. The purpose here is to work on the area identified by you the client. Training often involves either one-to-one or team sessions working towards enhancing psychological skills for use either in training or the performance arena. These skills involve

  • Communication within the group
  • Emotional control
  • Goal setting
  • Relaxation techniques,
  • Establishing a pre-performance routine
  • Enhancing imagery and visualisation skills

This list is not exhaustive and I can develop content based on your needs.

Performance Recording

Working with you, I will video your performance during training or competition. Using the information gathered in previous sessions I will then analyse the footage to highlight both positive and negative outcomes based on the agreed goals and desired outcomes of our work together.